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Date: Saturday, April 4, 2009
Time: 6:12 AM

new items up ! (:





2 available, 1 sold (:

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Date: Saturday, March 7, 2009
Time: 1:54 AM

A.M Mailing service (: by singpost

now, u can opt for URGENT mail at a very low price!
normal postage ; $2.60 only
registered postage ; $3.90 only
it takes only 1 day to reach you for both normal and registered postage !
click the link below to read up ((:

link :

joell (:

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Date: Saturday, February 28, 2009
Time: 4:25 AM

Preorder of bracelets/rings

no payment = no order
theres no capping (: once i got ur order, i will start to make if i have the items (:
takes about 1-2 weeks (: [cus im studying, so only can do when im free & i need to get the items to make them (: pls understand]
Choose 1 from each section (:
Chain Colour :
1) Gold
2) Silver

Inner Ribbon Colour :
1) Black
2) Red
3) Purple
4) Jade Green
5) Dark Blue
6) Dark Brown
7) Hot Pink

Size :
1) Single Round with S, M or L measurements provided in pic
2) Double Round with S, M or L measurements provided in pic






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Welcome to P.Accessories!
Im Joell Low [F], Opened blogshops for about 2 yrs alrdy(:
Im located at Marine parade (:

Email me at:

Or Msn me at:

If you choose to purchase from me,Then please trust me.
My full address is on all of the envolope i've posted,I won't run (:

♥ Strictly no swapping ! (:
♥ Once items are sold, they are non-exchangable and there will be no refunds.
♥ No Reservation of items.
♥ Priority will be given to those are able to make payments first.
♥ Payment MUST be settled within the 3 day upon orders.
♥ ATM transfers requires a print screen of the receipt.
♥ Prices stated are non-negotiable.
♥ PAYMENT by POSB/DBS saving transfer or postage at ur own risk.
♥ COLLECTION by normal/registered postage or meetups at Bedok Mrt on Saturdays.
♥ Registered postage cost an extra $2.50 and is strongly recommended.
♥ Please do not go mia-ing even if you are no longer interested in my item, do inform me.
♥ ALL ITEMS SOLD ARE BRAND NEW, personally packed in ziplock bags.
♥ We are not responsible of any flaws and/or defects found on item(s) upon sending out.
♥ We do ensure that ur purchase(s) are in tip-top conditons before mailing.
♥ Bubble wrap will be provided if ur purchase(s) is/are very fragile. (:

Pls refresh page if ur msg did not appear (: Or u can email me directly at ((:

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1. Stella [M.I.A]
1 Gold chain, Black ribbon, Double

2. Fiona [paid & received]
2 Gold chain. Black ribbon Double

3. Xinyi [paid & received]
2 Gold chain. Black ribbon Double Size L
1 Silver chain. Red ribbon Single Size S
1 Silver chain. Purple ribbon Single Size S

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